To be flexible


Flexibility is a natural foundation for the furniture producer HOWE. Not just when delivering stackable- and foldable chairs and tables, but also in the work processes needed to produce the attractive furniture. Linimatic is cooperation partner and in addition to the production of end caps with wheel and height adjustments, Linimatic also assembles products for HOWE. It gives HOWE flexibility and quality assurance to place the work at a supplier, who has the full responsibility for the entire process.

Linimatic as cooperation partner

Linimatic has since 2002 among others delivered end caps for the Tempest table support structure and the hinge system, that makes it possible to fully fold the supports of the Simpla table. Today Linimatic has become cooperation partner and is responsible also for the assembly, which gives HOWE advantages.

Henrik Olssom, VP Supply Chain, HOWE has no doubt about the advantages: “It means, that we are able to spot potential errors earlier in the process. The deliverytime is improved as we can get the deliveries out on time. And the use of cooperation partners is an important step towards increased growth for HOWE. We wish to grow, but within the existing facilities, and outsourcing is one of the keys to achieve this goal. What we are good at others must do – what we are great at we shall do.”

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We support great design


We see it as our task to create Great Design together with you. Hence we wish to optimise the design with respect to its quality, finish, durability, functionality and price. Zinc’s benefits can give you more value. We need to make use of this.


We are always ready to accommodate your desires. With a flexible, modern production setup, we have optimised the production of zinc parts of many variants, sizes and quantities. In addition, we have 24 hour production operation ready for your parts.


One of zinc’s great benefits is that the need for postprocessing is minimal. However, we can as needed postprocess it with all the current methods such as grinding, punching and CNC machining. In addition, we can perform surface treatments such as chromate plating, lacquering, chrome plating and engraving, providing you with a handsome finish.


We can save you the administration, time and money by assembling your production from other suppliers for you. For example, we would be pleased to deliver assembled parts for a finished product, including packing, customer-specific packaging, labelling, quality controls, etc.


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