Co-operation agreement


You can extract more Great Design from us and our vast knowledge of zinc by entering into a co-operation agreement with us, which gives you a large number of benefits in your daily work. We would be more at your disposal with advice and can for example better arrange our production to accommodate your needs and desires. In addition, we can optimise our storage, packaging, transport and logistics to the benefit of all of us. A permanent agreement is the logical path to better overall economy.

If you have ideas as to what we should include in the agreement, we would be pleased to listen. Here are some of the areas that we think are obvious, and which we have had good experiences with for other customers:

  • Services in connection with the design of zinc parts
  • Work with corrections and changes to existing zinc parts
  • Exchanges of expertise and information. NDA agreement
  • Zinc course and surface workshop for designers and engineers
  • Storage and maintenance of casting moulds and tools
  • Special requirements for handling and storage of zinc parts
  • Delivery times
    Packaging, return
  • Packaging, etc.
  • Transport terms and conditions and transport price agreement
  • Annual bonus arrangement and discount agreements
  • Payment terms

Our experience shows that you tend to gain the most benefits when the co-operation agreement is formulated as specifically as possible.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact Linimatic to strengthen your solutions and by this optimizing your possibilities.

Jürgen A. Haberl
Direct: +45 6155 5572

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We support great design


We see it as our task to create Great Design together with you. Hence we wish to optimise the design with respect to its quality, finish, durability, functionality and price. Zinc’s benefits can give you more value. We need to make use of this.


We are always ready to accommodate your desires. With a flexible, modern production setup, we have optimised the production of zinc parts of many variants, sizes and quantities. In addition, we have 24 hour production operation ready for your parts.


One of zinc’s great benefits is that the need for postprocessing is minimal. However, we can as needed postprocess it with all the current methods such as grinding, punching and CNC machining. In addition, we can perform surface treatments such as chromate plating, lacquering, chrome plating and engraving, providing you with a handsome finish.


We can save you the administration, time and money by assembling your production from other suppliers for you. For example, we would be pleased to deliver assembled parts for a finished product, including packing, customer-specific packaging, labelling, quality controls, etc.


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