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Kanban og Forecast

With a kanban agreement, you are ensured a delivery time of 1-2 weeks, a lower price per part and no bottleneck problems. Why? Because the agreement adds value for both of us when we are able to plan deliveries of your zinc parts based upon forecasts you provide. And we can reduce the price per part since we base it on the casting of larger-sized runs.

You just need to give us a guarantee to buy a minimum number of zinc parts within a specific time period, for example 6 months, and to periodically deliver forecasts/prognoses for your future consumption at agreed intervals, enabling us to incorporate it into our production planning. If you would like, our kanban agreement can also ensure daily deliveries for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact Linimatic to strengthen your solutions and by this optimizing your possibilities.

Jürgen A. Haberl
Direct: +45 6155 5572

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We support great design


We see it as our task to create Great Design together with you. Hence we wish to optimise the design with respect to its quality, finish, durability, functionality and price. Zinc’s benefits can give you more value. We need to make use of this.


We are always ready to accommodate your desires. With a flexible, modern production setup, we have optimised the production of zinc parts of many variants, sizes and quantities. In addition, we have 24 hour production operation ready for your parts.


One of zinc’s great benefits is that the need for postprocessing is minimal. However, we can as needed postprocess it with all the current methods such as grinding, punching and CNC machining. In addition, we can perform surface treatments such as chromate plating, lacquering, chrome plating and engraving, providing you with a handsome finish.


We can save you the administration, time and money by assembling your production from other suppliers for you. For example, we would be pleased to deliver assembled parts for a finished product, including packing, customer-specific packaging, labelling, quality controls, etc.


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