Smooth process with a Kanban agreement

Case Velux

The VELUX-department Gåsdal has entered a Kanban Agreement with Linimatic making the cooperation easier. The agreement makes allowances for a number of possible problems. The cooperation is defined in details and the agreement is renewed once a year.

High quality, quick – and at the agreed price

”Of course there is a price agreement with built-in protection of both parties, i.e. in relation to fluctuations in the raw material prices and the exchange. But perhaps more important, the agreement also makes it possible for Linimatic to plan and adjust the production capacity and by this being able to deliver quickly, in the agreed quality and at the agreed time”, Lars Daugaard Pedersen, strategic purchaser at VELUX, tells.

Savings acheived by using a robot

”We are of course always searching savings and talked to Linimatic about the possibilities to reduce the price a little. Examined whether there was any possibility to start some initiatives, change the machine – or the part? Linimatic then suggested that a robot could be implemented in the production line. We should not pay for the robot, but a small investment in a special gribber especially adjusted to our parts. With the robot we are now saving wages for the operator who had the job to handle our part, and the result is reasonable savings”, Lars Daugaard Pedersen explains.

Increases the knowledge level

The smooth cooperation offers optimal conditions for the innovation in the process:

”Things just run – and an evident advantage is that we do not have to negotiate all the time . We have a very good sparring with the Linimatic technicians. There is always the possibility for presenting a new idea, and in this way new technology can be developed and the knowledge level of both companies can be increased, and at the end we have better products. Yes, and a cheaper manufacturing process”, Lars Daugaard Pedersen ends.

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The company VELUX A/S is known worldwide for their toplighting windows. At certain places the toplighting windows are simply synonymous with the VELUX-brand. The name VELUX comes from the words Ventilation and Lux – and is a basic expression for the function of the windows: providing light and fresh air to the home.

VELUX gives high priority to environmental consciousness and energy savings and is therefore optimizing the technique all the time. Here are both the frame/glass conditions, the isolation ability and the materials in question. Furthermore of course also the functionality and the mechanics.

Advantages of die casted zinc

VELUX has chosen to manufacture the motor houses for the windows as top and bottom frames, which are manufactured in zinc. This gives more advantages, also for the user. The electronics are placed well isolated in the zinc house. To avoid electricity at the wrong places if anything breaks.

Read more about VELUX toplighting windows here.

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