Faster, smarter - and made in Denmark

Faster, smarter - and made in Denmark

At Frandsen Project they were ready to manufacture downlight lamps for the international design and interior company Concrete to be sold on the US market. But then the Chinese supplier failed …

All details were designed, drawn and ready to start up the production. But then the Chinese company, responsible for the project, informed that they were not able to deliver the parts yet. A difficult situation – how could a qualified supplier be found with very short notice? Design engineer Andreas Olesen from Frandsen Project tells:

“We had very short time to find an alternative. It looked very difficult. But when we contacted Linimatic and told Torben about the project, he just said : No problem, we will make it! And he said it in such a calm way. And they did it – we were actually very surprised to what a high extent they succeeded”, Andreas Olesen tells and goes into details:

Quicker process and a smarter product

“It was really an extremely quick process – actually I did not believe in it, I have to admit”, Andreas Olesen says and continues: “One of the advantages was that the lamps could be casted in one process – and by this time was saved. So after all, we got a smoother, quicker process – as well as a smarter product. Manufactured just here in Denmark – and almost at the same price as we had to pay in China. A real success – and we will therefore also retract more and more projects to Denmark now”, Andreas Olesen explains.

Lower price

One of the challenges when manufacturing in Denmark is often the high price of tools. But here unexpected advantages turned up when manufacturing the parts in die casted zinc:

“As the part could almost be casted in one shot, we should not buy more different tools. And when the price becomes 100 DKK lower, you do not have to sell many pieces before the result is very good”, Andreas Olesen tells.

Positive project with zinc

Originally Frandsen Project had not considered to manufacture their products in zinc:
“We did not know the material and its characteristics good enough – or why it was suitable to use just for this project. But in the cooperation with Torben Jensen and Jacob Himmelstrup about the details of the project, we quickly concluded how it should be”, Andreas Olesen explains, and continues:

“The quick process is certainly unique for this project. A timetable was made, and only small failures were allowed, to keep on track. And the little things which after all failed – these Linimatic managed by a weekend shift and an extreme flexibility. It is very clear that they are competent in project management. A very positive experience for us during this project”, Andreas Olesen ends.

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”You precisely know how long time everything takes – they control the processes 100%”
– Design Engineer Andreas Olesen, Frandsen Projects

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